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2005/10/01   October
Well, here it is October already. Hopefully this month will work out better than September did!

Thank You to everyone who voted for V3 and kept it in the top 50 on all three lists last month even without new bonuses... I'll try to update those a little more often this month. Starting right now, with a bad translation of today's strip, an album cover, and a Station V3/Z7 crossover from the ComicGenesis/DrunkDuck "war." Enjoy!

2005/09/30   Telethon Book
The Webcomic Telethon book is available now. (And the Station V3 strip from the telethon is in it.) I've ordered my copy!

2005/09/19   Talk Like A Pirate Day
For more Talk Like A Pirate Day fun besides Linton's contribution in today's strip, visit The Mansion Of E, where in addition to an appearance by a pirate in today's strip, there's a pirate voting bonus with the Plant in it!

(And if you're still in a voting mood, feel free to come back and vote for V3!)

2005/09/16   There it is!
My strip for the Webcomic Hurricane Relief Telethon went up here. I'm not sure what time that was - probably some time yesterday afternoon. So far the telethon has raised over $27,000!

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